8 things you need to know about diapers!

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-12
Diapers can be said to be the 'artifact' that saves every mother. The editor even thinks that the husband can not want it, but diapers must be there. However, sometimes for new mothers, because they do not know the knowledge about diapers, they are always in a hurry. So, today I will share with you 8 little knowledge about diapers. Guaranteed to reduce everyone's trouble after reading it. Is it better to buy diapers that are bigger or just right? Just right. Many people think that buying bigger diapers will not restrain the baby and will be more comfortable. But in fact, everyone can choose the appropriate type of diaper according to the baby's weight. Larger models are prone to leak urine, and they are not close-fitting, making the baby uncomfortable. How do you know it's time to change your diapers? Look at the color bar. Generally speaking, change it every 3 to 4 hours. If the baby pulls, change it at any time. A more convenient method is to look at the color bar on the diaper. When the color bar is completely discolored, it means it is time to change the diaper. How big should diapers be? When most babies are 18 to 24 months old, the muscles that control defecation have gradually developed and mature, and at this time, they can start toilet training for babies. However, every baby's situation is different, and there are times when you can take off diapers. Do babies need to change diapers at night? Generally not required. Change your baby to a diaper with good absorption and strong breathability before going to bed. If the baby does not wake up because of the wet diaper and does not have a bowel movement, then there is no need to change it, otherwise it will disturb the baby's sleep. The baby only wears diapers that are not dirty for a while, can they continue to wear them the next day? Can't. Although the baby did not urinate and looked clean, the surface of the diaper was actually stained with bacteria on the baby's skin, and the protective layer on the surface of the diaper was also destroyed, which is easy to breed bacteria, so even if it is not dirty The diapers should be thrown away as soon as they are worn. How to wear diapers to prevent leakage? The first is to choose the right size diapers, too large can easily leak urine. There is also the need to choose a diaper with a leak-proof design, that is, the frills on the thighs and waist of the diapers that everyone sees. The better the frills are designed, the stronger the leak-proof function. Can the baby still wear diapers with red ass? can wear. But it should be noted that you must change diapers more diligently than usual, wash your baby's buttocks after each bowel movement, and dry them thoroughly, and then apply a thick layer of diaper cream, which is conducive to red fart fart recovery. Can baby boys and girls use the same diapers? Can. However, whether it is a boy or a girl, it is best to choose a longer absorption layer, so that the urine will be absorbed quickly after the baby urinates, which will make the baby more comfortable. So, how do we choose a suitable diaper for our baby? Comfortable and leak-proof. The baby wears diapers almost 24 hours a day. The most important thing is to fit the body. Choose diapers with elastic design to avoid red marks and friction, and also have a leak-proof design to prevent leakage of urine. Absorbent. The baby's urination volume is very small each time, but the frequency is very high. Good water absorption can avoid frequent changing of diapers, especially at night to avoid disturbing the baby's sleep, so that the baby's little butt can be kept dry and feel more comfortable. Long-lasting dryness without re-wetting. A good diaper should be able to firmly lock the absorbed urine, avoid the baby's little butt always in contact with the wet surface, increase the comfort, and also help to keep the baby away from diaper rash.
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