To prevent baby's skin contact allergy, choose ultra-thin dry diaper manufacturer

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-09

When using diapers, you must consider whether they are suitable for the baby's skin, because the baby's skin has not yet matured, so it has many particularities. Therefore, after choosing diapers of appropriate size, parents should also consider the following aspects: diapers should be soft, non-allergenic, and contain skin care ingredients. Because the baby's skin is very thin, the thickness is only equivalent to one-tenth of the adult's skin, especially the anti-friction cuticle is very thin; the collagen fibers in the dermis are also less, so it lacks elasticity and is easily damaged when it is rubbed. The function of the system is not fully developed, the resistance is weak, and allergies often occur due to the stimulation of unsuitable diapers. Moreover, it is best to contain skin care ingredients such as aloe vera, which can effectively block the irritants in the urine and prevent the baby's soft and sensitive skin from being damaged. Diapers should have super absorbent power. The baby's metabolism is very active, especially the water metabolism, and the bladder is small, so it needs to urinate many times a day. The younger the baby, the more frequent urination. If the nursing is not timely, the baby's buttocks are often in a wet state. Therefore, the surface of diapers that are in contact with the baby's skin must be soft and comfortable, preferably like cotton underwear, including stretchable waist and adhesive tape. It does not contain irritating ingredients; it will neither cause frictional irritation to the baby nor cause skin allergies.
So what is the reason for the above problems?
Airtight diapers: After investigation and feedback, it is found that airtight diapers are actually the culprit of the baby's skin problems. Poor air permeability of diapers or a certain amount of urine affect its air permeability, which can easily irritate the baby's skin. score. In order to effectively prevent the baby's skin problems, mothers need to choose diapers with good water absorption and air permeability, and change them frequently to keep the baby's skin clean and dry.
1. Unsafe quality: It is recommended that mothers choose diapers certified by well-known companies, buy authentic products in wholesale stores with good reputation, and read the instructions carefully before buying.
2. Non-breathable diapers: Choose natural, pure, healthy, loving, comfortable and breathable baby diapers. It is a diaper that reassures mothers and can effectively prevent baby skin problems.

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