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by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-13

Diapers are necessities for families with babies, and they touch sensitive parts of babies every day. How good is the hygienic index? Families with babies have struggled with how to choose diapers. Let's talk about this with you.

The thickness of the baby's skin is much lower than that of adults, so the diapers that come into contact with the baby's skin should at least have a soft and comfortable surface. Babies have small bladders and frequent urination. The diapers must have super water absorption and pay attention to air permeability to avoid diaper rash. Even for babies of the same month, there is a difference between strong and slim. Babies should not be too tight when using diapers. It is best to use diapers when you are young, and you can use diapers when you are one or two years old. The pull-up pants are generally used for toilet training after the baby is one year old. Babies need to use diapers for a long time, so it is necessary to choose good diapers for babies.

Some people pour some water to check the water absorption rate, and then evaluate it after touching one and smelling it. This kind of testing is not very rigorous. Professional laboratories have to invest tens of millions of testing equipment for product testing.

Today, I will send you a professional and authoritative evaluation of diapers. The staff independently purchased samples and entrusted leading testing agencies to conduct authoritative testing, and released real data to help you understand diapers.

Test content:

Harmful microorganisms that are invisible to the eye, penetration performance, and the amount of fluorescent agent that can migrate are all laboratory testing items.

The potential risks of fluorescent whitening agents have worried many parents. In the diaper standards of some countries and regions, migratable fluorescent whitening agents have been stipulated early, because fluorescent agents are not easy to be decomposed, such as combining with proteins outside the wound, it will also hinder the healing speed of the wound.

Many people use ultraviolet light to irradiate diapers to judge whether they have added fluorescent whitening agents. However, fluorescent whitening agents are artificially added to diapers. It may not be possible to show fluorescence only with UV pen irradiation, because some manufacturers may use UV absorbers to cover them. fluorescence phenomenon. However, it can be detected by high performance liquid chromatography in the laboratory because the ultraviolet light absorber is not shielded.

The testing agency this time is SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification agency. It is a joint venture company jointly established by the Swiss SGS Group and the China Standard Technology Development Corporation affiliated to the former State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It has also established more than 50 branches and dozens of laboratories in China, with more than 12,000 well-trained staff. professionals.

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