Do men's and women's diapers need to be separated?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-16

In recent years, according to the specific situation of a large number of consumers buying diapers, it is known that the diapers used by boys and girls are basically the same. For most mothers, they pay more attention to various factors such as the quality of diapers and whether the diapers are suitable for their children, and choose a certain brand of diapers, so they seldom consider whether the diapers used by boys and girls are necessary. separate.

In response to this problem, we have done a long market survey, and we have also done a lot of research in this area. When diapers are divided into men's and women's models, the main reason is that boys and girls have different physiological characteristics, and also consider whether children are comfortable to wear. Therefore, the designer has also made corresponding changes in the design of diapers.

If you are worried about the problem of poor ventilation and moisture absorption of diapers, there is actually no need to worry. Because the problem you are worried about is the problem that our diaper manufacturer needs to solve. And we all use bamboo fiber raw materials to make diapers. As we all know, the biggest feature of bamboo fiber is that it is more soft and breathable, has natural antibacterial function, and is not easy to produce peculiar smell and so on.

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