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by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-15

I believe you must be very familiar with paper diapers, because the birth rate of babies is very high now, so the demand for paper diapers is very large. For this reason, there are more and more diapers in the market, so many parents do not know how to choose, because diapers are used by babies, and the quality must be guaranteed. And today let the diaper manufacturer tell you about the selection method of diapers.

1. Fast absorption, which is very important, because it can reduce the contact time between the skin and urine, so that the baby can be more comfortable. If the diaper absorbs a lot, the frequency of replacement can be reduced.
2. Good-quality diapers will add natural skin care ingredients to the surface non-woven fabric, and there will be a soft protective layer of emollient ingredients, so that the baby's skin can be very well moisturized.
3. If the diaper has a leak-proof function, it can prevent the baby's excrement from seeping out, and will not make the baby feel comfortable.
4. Because the baby's skin is very delicate, if the diaper is not soft, it will easily conflict with the baby's skin, and even the skin will be worn out, so the texture of the diaper is very important.
5. Because the baby's excretion is irregular, it can be considered that it has been excreted, and many parents don't know it. Therefore, when choosing diapers, you should pay attention to choosing light and light diapers with good air permeability.
6. Because the baby's body shape is different, you should choose the cutting design that suits the baby itself, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable for the baby to use.
7. Sometimes babies drink a lot of water, so they often need to urinate. If you want to reduce the contact time between urine and skin, you should keep the surface dry, and you can appropriately increase the frequency of changing diapers in summer.
8. It is very important to choose good quality and air permeability. If the diapers of poor quality are made of plastic materials, the air permeability is poor, which will make the baby feel very uncomfortable. After changing the diapers, they should be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, and then replaced with new diapers when they are completely dry. the
9. When the baby is using diapers, mothers should pay attention to whether the choice of diapers is reasonable, whether they are flexible in design, etc., and try to let the baby use the most suitable diapers.

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