The use of modern baby diapers is becoming more and more professional

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-17

The self-renewal process of materials and energy in the baby's body is very fast, but the bladder is small, so the frequency of urination is very fast. If the baby's diapers are not changed on time, the skin on the baby's buttocks will have moisture, the protective layer will be damaged and destroyed, and the outermost part of the epidermis will become inflamed and other symptoms, causing diaper rash. Therefore, it is necessary to buy diapers with a large water absorption capacity, because it has a strong absorption capacity, and can absorb urine as quickly as possible after the baby urinates or pulls the stool. Its appearance has a square of super-absorbent body, which concentrates the urine in the middle, does not leak sideways, does not make the skin rough and red, and avoids the onset of diaper rash.

Blue spots near the anus If you see blue marks near your baby's anus, you may be wondering if your baby has hemorrhoids. Most likely not! Hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels around the anus become congested due to poor blood circulation.

Eventually, they contract under the pressure of defecation, so that bleeding may occur! Hemorrhoids are common in pregnant women, but rarely in babies. The blue spots may just be the result of your baby stopping a heavy bowel movement.

The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that in the first year after the baby is born, the parents of the baby need to use about 3,000 diapers! Types of diapers Standard disposable diapers can meet daily needs, and some diapers are more specialized. For example, this baby diaper is designed in line with the physiological structure of the human body, quietly protecting the baby's abdomen, which is kind and soft. After the baby urinates wet, the skin-friendly face paper layer can quickly absorb urine, and the inner layer of water-absorbing beads stores a large amount of urine. The surface paper layer is light and uniform in color and has excellent permeability. U-shaped cut, narrow crotch design, more suitable for domestic babies. The skin-friendly layer added with aloe vera essence can inhibit bacteria and relieve itching, and care for baby's tender skin. A variety of animal patterns, novel and cute, let the baby know new partners every time it is changed. You need special waterproof diapers. There are also a variety of products to choose from when starting potty training, including diapers and workout pants.

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