Pay attention to the frequency of diaper changes

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-08
Diapers are convenient and easy to use, but you should also pay attention to the frequency of replacement to ensure your baby's health. According to relevant expert research, the replacement cycle of baby diapers of different ages is different and should be adjusted correctly. Diapers are mostly composed of the following parts: outer wrapping layer, absorbent core layer and base fabric. 1. Outer wrapping layer The outer wrapping layer can keep the child's body dry, quickly absorb urine and prevent side leakage. Nowadays, most of the best-selling diapers in various shopping malls and supermarkets are non-woven fabrics. After wearing them, the baby will not feel too much stimulation. It is soft, friendly and comfortable. 2. Absorption core layer The main absorption layer is to use its capillary force to disperse the baby's urine to the entire surface layer, which can quickly absorb, disperse and store urine. In major stores, the absorbent cores of the diapers we usually see are mostly layered and made of superabsorbent resin and pure wood pulp. 3. The bottom cloth is affected by the price factor. The bottom of the best-selling diapers in China is mainly composed of breathable polyethylene films composed of high molecular organic compounds, while non-woven diapers have been used abroad because of their higher comfort and better quality. soft. Diapers also have a shelf life. Don't stock up on too many diapers. How often will it be better to change them?
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