Diapers for newborns require strong water absorption

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-19

Newborn diapers require strong water absorption, softness, and easy washing and drying. Diapers can be made yourself or purchased. When making it yourself, you should choose light-colored cotton cloth with soft texture and good water absorption or old bed sheets, old clothes, cotton sweaters, trousers and other all-cotton cloth to make. The diaper can be made into a square or a rectangle. If a square diaper is made, according to the fat and thin of the newborn, cut the diaper into a 60 cm square size. When using it, fold the diaper diagonally twice to form a triangle. It can also be folded into a rectangle. Pay attention It should not be too wide to avoid discomfort for the newborn. If it is made into a rectangular diaper, it can be cut to a length of 60 cm and a width of 40 cm. Generally, it is folded in 4-5 layers to form a diaper with a width of 12-15 cm, which is suitable for newborns. Generally, 20-30 diapers should be prepared for washing and replacement.

Since all-cotton diapers contain some substances that are harmful to the baby's body during the production process or the fabric itself, they must be washed before use. In fact, all the supplies bought for babies must be cleaned and disinfected if necessary, that is, it is best to steam them after washing, so that they are softer and will not hurt the baby's skin. Do not use washing powder, but use mild soap to clean them. cleaning.

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