Diaper Rash Causes and Symptoms

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-24

Improper use of diapers or the use of poor quality diapers can cause your baby to get diaper rash, and it will be very uncomfortable for your baby to have diaper rash, so let's talk about this issue with you. Let's talk about the causes and symptoms of diaper rash.

Diaper Rash Causes and Symptoms

The cause of diaper rash is mostly due to the ammonia produced by the decomposition of urine and feces by bacteria that irritates the skin, and the environment inside the diaper is stuffy and humid, which is easy to breed bacteria and fungi, which in turn leads to infection and worsens the symptoms . If the replacement is neglected, reddened skin symptoms will soon appear.

If the redness does not improve, some small dot-shaped rashes will appear. At this time, the delicate skin is probably swollen, and the baby has obvious discomfort. If it is ignored, it will further develop into a situation where the skin is broken, seepage fluid flows out, and even blood oozes.

Little Butt Nursing Principles

If frequent diaper changes are so important, how often should you change them? What extra cleaning actions do I need to do when changing diapers?

Huang Yali, the head of nursing at Taipei Medical University Hospital, said that for disposable diapers, most of them contain high-molecular polymers that enhance absorption, so you can refer to the wetness indicator, or wait until the diaper is slightly heavier before changing it. In addition, although cloth diapers have good air permeability, they also have fast repellency. Once wet, it is best to change them immediately, so as not to backfire.

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