Basic knowledge of diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-13

In the nursing life of young babies, diapers are definitely one of the most important members that cannot be missing. In the 'Jiangshan' where diapers have an absolute advantage, traditional or redesigned cloth diapers still occupy their place. These two types of products have their own advantages, let's get to know them together. Let's talk about this with you.

How much do you know about this product?

Non-woven fabric with non-irritating surface

Non-woven fabric is neither cloth nor paper, but a synthetic chemical fiber, which is a kind of textile. There will be individual differences in the quality of different brands of non-woven fabrics. Manufacturers of better-quality diapers will first conduct skin sensitivity tests on the non-woven fabrics, and strictly use non-woven fabrics that meet health standards. There is no irritation to the baby's skin.

Basic knowledge of diapers

What kind of stuff are paper diapers? There must be some mothers who have such curiosity! Now let's do an anatomy. Knowing about diapers will help you in your choice!

Outer breathable cotton soft back layer

Generally, it is also made of non-woven fabric or PE film, but the requirements are different from the non-woven fabric on the surface. The non-woven fabric on the bottom layer is required to dissipate the moisture and odor inside the diaper as soon as possible. Good diapers can quickly discharge the stuffy inside the diaper like breathing. The moisture can keep the baby's little butt dry and comfortable.

The magic waist sticker that can be used with confidence

A good Velcro waist sticker can be adjusted at will and pasted repeatedly on the waist, not to worry about sticking to the baby's delicate skin and causing redness.

Soft elastic fit waist

Lively babies are constantly moving throughout the day, so the waistline of the diaper should not only be soft but also close-fitting, so as to ensure that the baby's movements can be stretched freely, and the diaper will fit snugly and comfortably no matter how the diaper is moved. The three-dimensional guard can effectively prevent leakage of urine and soft stools.

Urinary wetness reminder display

Adding a chemical substance that will change color when it meets urine is safe and non-irritating. Many novice mothers don’t know when to change their baby’s diapers. With this intimate reminder, they can change their dirty diapers in time , to reduce the possibility of urine hurting the baby's butt.

Instant suction diversion layer

The blue part in the picture is the instantaneous suction diversion layer. This part is very important. It can guide the fluid evenly, absorb it instantly, prevent the urine from accumulating, and keep the baby's butt dry all the time.

Babies have close contact with diapers, so the quality of diapers must be good to keep the baby healthy.

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