How to develop good sleep habits for babies

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-27

1. Sleep environment

Babies need a relatively quiet environment to sleep well. In addition, parents should be gentle when feeding him or changing diapers, try not to wake him up completely, half asleep and half awake is best.

2. Circadian Rhythm

Children should not sleep for a long time during the day, otherwise it will affect their sleep at night.

3. Countermeasures for crying

It is normal for a baby from 4 months to half a year old to cry. Don't take immediate action, might as well observe for a few minutes before speaking. In most cases, after the baby wakes up at night, he will fall asleep again after a few minutes. If he is still crying, then Mom and Dad can go to see him and give him some comfort. But pay attention, don't turn on the lights during this process, and don't try to tease him or pick him up, otherwise it will affect his sleep. If he still cries, parents have to consider whether he is hungry, needs relief, or is sick.

4. Separate bedroom

Give the child a separate bedroom, especially for a second-born baby, if he sees that his older siblings are not asleep, he will not let it go. Note that preschool children need about 10 to 12 hours of sleep a day.

5. Bedding

When choosing bedding, consider factors such as your child's age and height. Be careful not to choose a soft bed, which is not good for the child's spine development.

6. Other

If the baby wants to sleep, put him in the cradle immediately and let him sleep. It is not recommended that parents hold or rock him to help him fall asleep, and it is best to sleep by himself. Otherwise, he will gradually develop this habit, and he will not be able to fall asleep if you don't coax him. In addition, it is a bad habit for a child to sleep with a pacifier in his mouth, so don't let him develop it. If he falls asleep with the pacifier on, be sure to remove the pacifier, too.

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