Don't know how to choose baby diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-14
Grandma said: How could the children in the past have such luck with diapers, they just used fabrics to separate their butts. Of course, this is just the previous living situation. Now babies are already using diapers. Many new mothers do not know how to choose diapers, so today Xiaomeng will tell you how to choose diapers! When purchasing diapers, new mothers should choose diapers with a larger absorption capacity, because this means that each diaper can be used for a longer time and reduce the number of diapers used. Although there are some diapers on the market that are relatively cheap, but the absorption is small and needs to be replaced frequently, the number of diapers will increase, and consumer spending will also increase. Relatively speaking, the cost performance may not be so high. Dryness Compare the dryness of the diaper after use, because a good diaper will absorb a certain amount of liquid and the surface will remain relatively dry, which can keep the skin of the buttocks dry, and the baby will feel comfortable when using it. After use, look at the shape of the diaper after absorbing liquid. After a good diaper absorbs a certain amount of liquid, it should be able to maintain a complete and uniform shape. When a diaper of average quality is squeezed and rubbed during use, the absorbent layer will become loose and agglomerated. , which will affect the usage. Changing diapers and cleaning of urinal stains Although diapers are more convenient to use, after wearing diapers, the environment will be relatively humid, which may irritate the skin of the baby's buttocks for a long time, so don't rush to replace the diapers immediately after taking them off. The diapers can properly ventilate the skin and keep the skin of the buttocks dry, which can reduce the possibility of rashes. However, even if you use diapers, it does not rule out the possibility that the size will be stained on the pants, so how should you clean it? Dream taste plant enzyme baby laundry detergent, PH value is neutral, close to baby's skin, not irritating! The product contains 0 pigments and 0 fluorescent agents, so mothers can use it with confidence. Add natural biological enzyme (enzyme) formula, which can penetrate deep into clothing fibers to remove internal stains, such as milk stains, saliva stains, oil stains, urine stains, and make clothes clean as new. Using a mild, natural and safe formula, it is mild and non-irritating, and does not harm clothes and mother's hands.
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