The material of the absorbent layer of diapers should also be designed to effectively lock in moisture

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-23

Babies develop very quickly during their first two years. Depending on the pace of development, estimate how much your baby will gain in the first few months and buy plenty of diapers. You don't want to stockpile so many diapers that as your baby grows they become too small for your baby! Detailed steps for changing baby diapers: (Tip: Before changing, never leave the baby alone on the bed.)
1. Let the baby lie flat on the bed, put the baby urine-proof mattress under the baby; take off the wet diapers, raise the baby's feet up and fix them, and wipe them from top to bottom with wet paper towels.
2. If the urine is only wet, just change it directly. If the diaper is still stained with stool, wipe off the stool with a wet paper towel or soft towel first, and then clean the baby's buttocks with warm water. After cleaning, wipe the baby's buttocks. Elevate the buttocks and apply ointment or petroleum jelly. Put the part of the diaper with tape facing the waist direction, pad it under the buttocks, and wrap the diaper.
3. If the baby's umbilical cord has not fallen off, in order to prevent the diaper from rubbing the navel, the upper edge of the diaper can be folded inward to expose the umbilicus, and the tape on both sides can be pasted on the non-lubricating surface of the diaper, and it can be pasted repeatedly. Whether the tightness of the diaper is suitable, you can put the index finger of both hands into the diaper to test whether it is too tight or too loose.
4. In summer, babies drink more water and urinate more frequently. Choose diapers with fast absorption speed, which can reduce the contact time of urine with the skin, keep the surface of the diapers dry, and make it less likely to leak urine. In addition, the material of the absorbent layer of the diaper should also be designed to effectively lock in moisture, so that the urine does not seep back after it is absorbed, so that the baby will not be disturbed by the wet diaper and cannot sleep peacefully. In summer, the frequency of changing diapers can be appropriately increased, about once every 4 hours. the
5. As the days come, babies have more social activities. Many mothers often go out with only diapers on their babies. At present, there are trouser-type diapers on the market for babies who can crawl and walk. They are not only more comfortable and fit, but also easier to put on and take off. You don’t need to put your baby on the bed, and you can change them while standing. Some brands also considerately designed side-change buckles, which can be changed as long as you open them. The diapers are also designed for men and women. There are beautiful cartoon patterns on the surface, so that babies can develop gender awareness from an early age and become social stars.

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