Wet diapers can also be harmful to children

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-10
If the diaper is not changed in time, it will also bring certain harm to the child. 1. It will make the child's buttocks appear red and swollen. Urine is some wastes excreted by the body, and these wastes are all acidic. Since the child is still young and the skin is particularly delicate, if the child's butt is exposed to this environment for a long time, this acidity will damage the child's skin. Moreover, too much urine in the diaper will make its air permeability very poor, which may cause the child's butt to appear red and swollen. Second, the child may be infected. After the diaper is soaked in the child's urine, it will become a favorite place for bacteria. If it is summer, the growth of bacteria will become more rapid. If a child wears diapers for a long time, it may cause diaper rash and itching on the skin. In severe cases, the child's urethra may be infected, and the child's urination system will have problems, which will affect the child's physical development. 3. The child will feel very uncomfortable. There are absorbent layers in the diaper. If the child urinates a lot, the weight of the diaper will be very heavy, and the volume of the diaper will slowly expand. The child will feel very uncomfortable wearing it, and his walking will be restricted by him, so the diaper is usually changed every two hours or so.
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