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ECO BOOM Bamboo Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads Manufacturer

ECO BOOM Bamboo Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads Manufacturer
( Daily Liners / Regular / Long Size )

• Bamboo Viscose Topsheet: 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose topsheet provides comfortable surface.

• Biodegradable Wrapping: biodegradable individual bag and FSC certified paper box provide more green to the planet.

• Super Absorbent Core: With FSC pulp + S.A.P for absorbent core to lock liquid and keep snug.

• Skin-friendly: No harmful chemicals. No fragrance, deodorant, dyes or chlorine bleach.

• No Weird Smells: By using naturally antibacterial bamboo viscose on topsheet, our pads are odorless and breathable.

• Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.

• Disposal: Please recycle outer packaging.

• Flush: Don't flush down the toilet.

• Expiry Time: 3 years from production date.


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ECO BOOM better bamboo sanitary pads use 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose on topsheet.


Bamboo viscose is breathable and absorbent so that it can keep surface comfortable.

ECO BOOM Bamboo sanitary pads manufacturer


Bamboo has a unique substance——“bamboo quinone”, which is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

biodegradable sanitary pads supplier


By using 100% bamboo viscose with FSC certificate makes it can be fully biodegradable.

To better care our earth, ECO BOOM bamboo sanitary pads's paper box is FSC certified, too
ECO BOOM Bamboo Sanitary Pads's Parameters Table
Eco Boom sanitary pad manufacturer is committed to producing bamboo sanitary pads for women sustainable beauty.