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ECO BOOM Plant-based Ecological Baby Diaper Business

ECO BOOM Plant-based Ecological Baby Diaper Business
( S / M / L / XL Size )
• Super Soft Topsheet: Provides gentle touch for baby's sensitive bottom.

• Ultra-Breathable Plant-based Backsheet: By using EcoCosy 100% Plant-based premium fiber which comes from Equatorial Ecological Corridor makes it biodegradable.

• Triple elastic Ear-patch: Provides a better fit and comfort active baby.

• Super Absorbent Core: With high-quality super absorbent material from Germany to lock liquid and keep surface dry.

• Biodegradable Packing: Use colored box pack replaces plastic type.

• Wetness Indicator: Remind you it is time to change the diaper.

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Plant-based Backsheet

By using EcoCosy® 100% Plant-based premium fiber makes it biodegradable. It can be rapidly biodegraded into water, CO2 and biomass within 90 days,

without any residual harmful substances, which has obtained the European "Seedling" certification.

100% premium wood source

EcoCosy® fiber is made from selected wooden cores

from sustainable managed plantation with a high purity, which makes it 100% biodegradable.



Data shows that the surface moisture of human skin is generally 12-15%, 

which is very close to the moisture content of EcoCosy® fiber.

Excellent natural absorbency

By using high-purity dissolving wood pulp, EcoCosy® fiber has natural hygroscopicity and water absorption.


S / 2

M / 3

L / 4

XL / 5

6-16lbs (3-8kg)

13-22lbs (6-10kg)

20-31lbs (9-14kg)

26 + lbs (12 kg)





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