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ECO BOOM 100% Bamboo Nature Toilet Paper Brand

ECO BOOM 100% Bamboo Nature Toilet Paper Brand
24 Rolls
• 100% Bamboo: All bamboo fiber are with FSC certificate which can be fully biodegradable.


• 0% Plastic: All toilet papers is plastic-free from inside to outside, including its packaging.


• Original color without bleaching: Our wood pulp is no bleaching and no color master batch.

• Non-irritating: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic,suitable for sensitive skin.and our toilet paper is free from chlorine,pesticides, B.P.A. and fragrances.   

• Carbon Balanced through using 100% Forest Stewardship approved bamboo: Compared with standard virgin forest raw toilet tissue, it can reduce carbon emissions by 65.5%.

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ECO BOOM - Bamboo Nature Toilet Paper Brand

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