Where is the wholesale of baby diapers in Guangdong? Good choice of diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-22

When the baby takes the first step towards the world, it indicates that his independence and self-knowledge are gradually maturing. Guangdong baby diaper wholesale where is good, bloated and fat diapers will seriously affect the baby's activities, and too small and tight diapers are likely to wear the skin of his inner thighs. During this period, when purchasing diapers, mothers have to consider more whether the elastic design of diapers can meet the needs of the baby's freedom of movement. During this period, the baby begins to become disobedient and move around when changing diapers. Choosing a pants-type diaper that can be easily put on and off can help mothers quickly change diapers for the baby, without putting the baby on the bed to 'fight wits' with the baby Dou Yong'! Purchasing diapers—Tips for purchasing diapers: When purchasing, you should first pay attention to whether the logo on the package is standard. According to the rules of my country's light industry industry standards on diapers (including diapers/pads), the sales package of diapers should indicate the following content: 1. Product name, adoption standard number, implementation hygiene standard number, production license number, trademark; 2. .The name and address of the consuming enterprise; product category, quantity inside, and product grade; 3. The date of consumption and the batch number of the product.
Free to put on and take off, good diapers will be designed according to the baby's physiological characteristics during this period, so that the baby can fit and move easily after wearing it. The currently popular pant-type diapers are designed like panties, which are more comfortable to put on and take off. The entire waist is made of elastic material, so babies can twist and roll freely. Good trouser-type diapers are also specially designed with waist stickers that can be opened, which is convenient for mothers to change, and can help children learn to change by themselves. The diapers can also be divided into different colors for men and women, with beautiful cartoon patterns, so that the baby looks like wearing shorts of different colors, and looks very good! Usually each manufacturer has its own personalized design, with different lengths, widths, and widths. Mom You can choose according to your baby's actual situation and personal preferences, and you have to try bravely whether it is suitable for your baby. Therefore, the most practical way is to buy a small amount at the beginning, and then decide the final brand and product to buy after seeing the effect.

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