What is the role of diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-04
In fact, diapers are basically the same, and their functions are to make their children have a better experience. When using diapers, mothers will consider such a factor in many cases, that is, will it be comfortable? Making your baby feel comfortable is really important. So, what is the function of diapers? What is the function of diapers? There are many small crystals in the middle layer of diapers, that is, hydrogel, which has a very good water absorption effect. We can take out the hydrogel of diapers and put it in the soil of potted plants. When we water too much, the hydrogel will naturally absorb the excess water; and when we need to travel for a few days without going home , The hydrogel that absorbs water can also automatically release water to ensure the growth of plants. It is indeed a little helper for growing flowers! Diapers can keep the baby's skin dry and effectively avoid excessive skin and urine in the diaper caused by long-term contact. Moisture, which is often the first and most important factor in diaper rash, makes the skin more chafed, irritated, and conducive to the growth of germs. Disposable diapers are exceptionally absorbent and prevent moisture from coming into contact with the skin. A number of clinical trials have shown that the use of diapers with good water absorption can reduce the incidence of diaper rash in infants. Compared with diapers, diapers save the tedious cleaning process, and can be thrown away immediately after use. It will not cause secondary infection of the skin due to uncleaning and drying. It also improves the ability to absorb moisture and keep the baby from urinating. The trouble of changing. Mothers are worried about the hot weather in summer, which is easy to breed bacteria, but compared with traditional diapers, the particularity of the material and structure of diapers can effectively reduce the spread and pollution of bacteria in feces, and provide a more hygienic growth environment for babies. The results of the survey showed that babies who used diapers had far fewer fecal bacteria in toys and household items than babies who used diapers. In addition, diapers have the added benefit of effectively preventing leakage of urine and feces, while traditional diapers exhibit severe leakage. But as the child grows up, the necessity of diapers for the child will gradually decrease, and the disadvantages will become more obvious. For example, the breathability of diapers is relatively poor, and if you wear diapers all day, it is easy to cause red buttocks, which is diaper rash, if you do not clean and care properly. What's more serious is that it may cause urinary infection, especially for girls, because of the self-cleaning function of the vagina, even little girls have vaginal discharge.
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