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ECO BOOM baby diaper agency with bamboo degradable organic

ECO BOOM baby diaper agency with bamboo degradable organic
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• 100% Bamboo Topsheet: All bamboo nonwoven are with FSC certificate which can be fully biodegradable.

• Triple Elastic Ear Patch: Provide a better fit and comfort active baby.

• Super Absorbent Core: With high-quality super absorbent material from Germany to lock liquid and keep surface dry.

• Ultra Breathable Bamboo Backsheet: 100% Bamboo nonwoven backsheet makes it biodegradable and also allow air-circulation inside to keep bottom dry.

• Wetness Indicator: Remind you it is time to change the diaper.

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Adopts modern design language and less ink eco-friendly packaging to lead the new trend of eco-friendly lifestyle.

ECO BOOM Bamboo sanitary pads manufacturer
  1. Responsible Packaging

This packaging can be 100% recycled. And our inner packaging designed with responsibility, made with 30% recycled plastic. 

biodegradable sanitary pads supplier


By using 100% bamboo fiber with FSC certificate makes it can be fully biodegradable.

That’s why our bamboo diapers can reduce about 25-30% of plastic waste caused by disposable diapers.

To better care our earth, ECO BOOM bamboo sanitary pads's paper box is FSC certified, too
ECO BOOM Bamboo Sanitary Pads's Parameters Table
Eco Boom sanitary pad manufacturer is committed to producing bamboo sanitary pads for women sustainable beauty.

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