What children really want is quality of companionship

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-28

Many parents will resign and stay at home for their children, and they all say that they want to accompany their children, but most of them just stay with their children and do their own things. This kind of company is at best. What children really want is quality of companionship, not formality. Newborn babies are prone to startle reactions. This is because the baby has just come out of the womb and will be in a light sleep state when sleeping, and local muscle twitches will occur unconsciously. The use of sleeping bags to wrap the whole body of the baby will make them feel more secure and reduce the occurrence of startle reactions. After using the sleeping bag, no matter how the baby rolls over, there will be no tragedy of covering the mouth and nose, reducing the risk of suffocation.

1. Dinner time can be wonderful

For office worker parents who go out early and return late, the dinner time spent with their children is very precious. Parents can customize the plan in advance and choose the dinner topic that their children are interested in. Through the dinner time chat, the child will be more interested in spending time with mom and dad and reveal his thoughts.

2. Doing housework is also a way of companionship

Accompaniment does not necessarily have to be with children to play together, you can also make housework a way to accompany children. Although the child does not seem to notice what the parents are doing on the surface, he perceives this companionship with his soul. The more unconscious a child is of his surroundings, the more his perception penetrates into his soul.

3. Share time for a walk

After dinner, you can take your children for a walk nearby. You can tell stories to your children along the way, and your children can also tell their parents about interesting things that happened in school. If your child's school is relatively close to home, you might as well take him for a walk to school, and get along with him on the way.

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