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ECO BOOM New Bamboo Diaper Brand Company Small Pack

ECO BOOM New Bamboo Diaper Brand Company Small Pack

• 100% Bamboo Fiber Viscose Topsheet: Our bamboo fiber viscose is FSC Certified 100% biodegradable.

• Super Absorbent Core: Our diapers have high quality, super absorbent material that wicks moisture away and locks in liquid to keep the surface dry.

• Ultra-breathable Bamboo Fiber Viscose Backsheet: Our FSC Certified, 100% biodegradable, ultra-breathable bamboo fiber viscose backsheet allows air-circulation to keep your baby’s bottom dry.

• ECF Wood Pulp: Our wood pulp is chlorine-free and FSC certified free from toxic nasties & gentle on skin.

• Large Elastic Waistband: Our large and comfortable elastic waistband provides a better, snug fit for active babies.

• Wetness Indicator: This helps you know when it’s time to change your baby’s diapers.

• Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.

• Please dispose of packaging thoughtfully.

• Flush: Don't flush down the toilet.

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