What aspects should be looked at when buying diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-11

Diapers are a baby's personal supplies, so you can't be careless when buying diapers. Let's talk to you about how to choose baby diapers.

Buying diapers - Tips for purchasing diapers

1. When purchasing, you should first pay attention to whether the logo on the package is standardized.

According to the provisions of my country's light industry industry standards on diapers (including diapers/pads), the sales package of diapers should indicate the following:

A product name, adopted standard number, executive hygiene standard number, health license number, trademark;

B production company name and address;

C product variety, internal quantity, product grade;

D The production date and batch number of the product.

2. Make the most suitable choice by trial.

Each manufacturer has its own personalized design, with different lengths, widths and widths. Mommy can choose according to the actual situation of the baby and her own preferences. Whether it is suitable for her baby has to be bravely tried, so the most practical method is just Buy small quantities at first, and then use the following diapers"easy to use"Check the purchased diapers according to the reference standard, see the effect and then decide the final brand and product to buy.

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