Wearing diapers for children is not to save adults

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-13
Diapers can really reduce the burden of parenting, and it can also reduce the troubles of babies, and we advocate letting go. However, as the child grows, the diaper will gradually reduce the demand for the child, and will gradually show its shortcomings. If you just want to save trouble and make things easier, you're making your child overly dependent on diapers. If the child is older, or is in diapers all day, there is a chance that you will learn to pee a little later than a diaper-free child, making it easier to wet the bed. So, if you notice that your baby is still wetting the bed a lot after age 5, think about whether it took a long time before using a diaper. Babies have developed a habit of wanting to pee on their pee, and their bladders don't have the opportunity to exercise, so they can't control their bowel movements. Premature urination is not good for children. It is not only good for children's spine and sphincter, but also bad for cultivating children's sense of privacy. In fact, the baby's legs will bend a little, as long as the baby's hips, knees, and ankles are straight and normal, the baby's legs will bend as he naturally grows taller. Before one and a half years old: Try using diapers, so that the baby can urinate at will, without causing psychological burden, and can sleep well. From 1.5 years old to 2 years old: Remove diapers as much as possible during the day, and train the child to urinate or urinate in the toilet; diapers are still needed at night, and then gradually removed as the child's ability to control urine output improves. Before that, toilet training at night is required. Before 3 years old: Although you can't completely learn to urinate and defecate yourself, you can develop good habits of urination and defecation, but it is best to stop using diapers after the age of 3, especially before kindergarten, you can learn to urinate and defecate by yourself. But every baby will give up diapers at different times, which is related to the child's physical development, whether parents have received early education, whether there are good role models in life, etc. Generally speaking, children's bodies are mature enough to be a good time to 'quit' diapers. Such as being able to sit firmly on the toilet, being able to express their physical needs, knowing how to take off their pants to poop, etc. When the baby can't urinate on his own, it is best to wear diapers, which is not only convenient, but also relatively clean. If you are concerned about the diaper covering your child, you can urinate and change the diaper promptly after urinating.
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