Ultra-thin and dry diaper manufacturers wholesale | Three obvious characteristics of today's diaper market

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-10

The survey shows that from the perspectives of China and foreign countries, the current diaper market presents three very obvious characteristics. First, high-priced products and first-tier cities are still dominated by imported brands, followed by domestic brands; second, the overall market share First, the advantages of imported diapers are gradually decreasing, while domestic diapers are growing rapidly; third, domestic brands such as diapers are rising strongly. Nowadays, domestic brands occupy the second and third tier cities, and the second and third tier cities and rural markets are the main consumer markets for domestic diapers, with a huge market space; with the improvement of people's living standards, the ability to consume baby diapers has greatly increased, and domestic brands have natural advantages , can quickly adapt to the consumer market, but imported diapers are just not acclimatized to this, and cannot do it. Manufacturers of ultra-thin and dry diapers wholesale. Therefore, some comments: 'Domestic brands have to do it in the second- and third-tier urban markets' are correct, and this is exactly the opportunity and wisdom of domestic brands.
As the weather gets colder, the babies also start to put on thick winter clothes. Many mothers worry that changing diapers for their babies in winter will make them catch cold. Today, I would like to share with you the things to pay attention to when choosing and changing diapers in winter: combine the baby’s growth every day with the characteristics of existing diapers, and help trendy mothers in the following situations They:
1. Babies who are staggering and toddler Usually after 10 months, the baby will open his legs in his mind and stretch out the first step towards the world, just like the baby's second skin, and will not be affected by the large objects in the crotch ( Usually diapers) affect walking movements, which can effectively prevent O-shaped legs. At this time, bloated and fat diapers will seriously affect the baby's movement, while those that are too small and tight are likely to wear the skin on the inner thighs. At this time, mothers should choose pull-up pants for walking, because they are elastic and close-fitting.
2. Pull-up pants are very suitable for active babies. They are elastic and fit close to the body, like panties, without restraint. The most important thing is that there will be no leakage of urine, so the mother can be carefree.
Active babies, after 8 or 9 months, the frequency of activities will be greatly increased, especially for some active babies, they like to pick the diapers with their hands when they are playing or sleeping, because diapers are all magic structures , so hand picked
3. Therefore, it is easy to cause urine leakage in diapers, which will have a serious impact on the lives of babies and mothers. Therefore, babies after 7 months, wear pull-up pants after taking a bath, and babies who sleep at night and are afraid of urine leakage, because diapers After putting it on, it is easy for the baby to turn over and cause the diapers to shift. Maybe some diapers do not have a large water absorption capacity. Because they are close to the body, plus the absorption speed is fast and the absorption capacity is large, they will not shift no matter how they move. There will be no worries and worries about leaking urine.

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