Knowledge of wearing diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-16

The emergence of diapers has freed many mothers from the hard work of washing diapers, but some mothers have found that their babies are prone to red buttocks. After all, is it okay for the baby to wear diapers?

1. But there are many debates about diapers. There is a saying that wearing diapers may lead to infertility in the baby. It is said that the use of diapers will increase the temperature in the baby's scrotum. However, in fact, the baby's testicles have not started to develop at this time, and some cryptorchidisms are still in the abdominal cavity. As long as the wearing time is not too long, there is no problem. Infertility is a multifactorial disease, which is related to genetics, development, environment and nutrition. We cannot simply blame diapers. Some people say that wearing diapers will lead to bow legs, but bow legs are what we call 'O-shaped legs'. It is a manifestation of rickets caused by calcium deficiency. Wearing heavy diapers for a long time will definitely cause the baby's mobility and difficulty in walking. Don't wear diapers after at least two years old.

2. Diapers are very useful for parenting

The fast pace of modern life has made disposable daily necessities more and more popular, and diapers are an outstanding representative of them. I have to admit that because of diapers, parents save a lot of time and are no longer busy with trivial things such as changing diapers, especially young parents who have no experience in childcare. As long as they change diapers in time, they can still keep the baby's small butt Cleanliness and sanitation have brought great convenience to child-rearing life. As long as the replacement is diligent, basically there will be no major problems.

Misunderstandings about male babies wearing diapers:

1. Will diapers affect sperm formation? Wrong, sperm has not yet formed in infancy.

Sperm has not yet formed in the scrotum of infants and young children, only spermatogonia formed during the embryonic period exist. During puberty, the development of the hypothalamic pituitary gland is formed, which stimulates the testicular gonads to start secreting sex hormones, causing the spermatogonia in the vas deferens to divide into spermatocytes, then into sperm cells, and finally the sperm cells into sperm. The formation of sperm in the scrotum has not yet occurred when the baby uses diapers, and this problem is impossible in terms of the time of occurrence. That is to say, the seminiferous tubules in the testes during the embryonic period and infancy are solid thin tubes, and there is no spermatogenesis and maturation. Therefore, wearing diapers for male babies will not cause infertility in adulthood.

2. Only diapers can increase the temperature of the scrotum? Wrong, diapers too.

Whether you use cloth diapers or paper diapers, the temperature in the scrotum will increase. Under the temperature conditions in the abdominal cavity, the testicles can still be maintained for 1 to 2 years without causing changes in infertility. The experimental results show that the average temperature of the scrotum is 35.7°C when using paper diapers. -36.4°C, while the average temperature in the abdominal cavity was 37°C. Male infertility involves many causes, such as genetics, development, environment and nutrition. But so far, there is no evidence linking diaper use to male infertility.

3. Do diapers easily lead to testicular tumors? Wrong, not directly related.

When choosing diapers, you should choose a brand with good air permeability and safe and high-quality materials, which can ensure the hygiene and safety of diapers. At the same time, do not choose a size that is too small or too tight, which is not conducive to the normal growth of testicles of male babies.

For the sake of the baby's health, mothers should pay attention to a principle: it is better to be loose than tight, and a little bigger than too small. The diapers that have been used once and are a bit dirty should not be used again or even many times, otherwise the child's health will be affected by a small loss. At the same time, mothers should also pay attention to changing the diapers in time according to the actual situation to avoid diaper rash.

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