It's good to wear pull-up pants, but it's the most appropriate age

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-13
Pull-up pants have a good urine-proof function, which is more convenient than diapers, so many mothers use them for their children now. When choosing pull-up pants for your baby, you must choose it according to your baby's body shape, so that the baby is more comfortable to wear and more convenient to move around. Under normal circumstances, it is harmless to wear pull-up pants for babies, so you can wear them with confidence. Nowadays, many young mothers wear pull-up pants for convenience when taking care of their babies. There are many precautions for children to wear pull-up pants, because this is also a technical job. If you don't wear it properly, it will leak on the side, and sometimes it will make the baby catch a cold. Therefore, parents must wear lala pants correctly. So, what are the dangers of wearing pull-up pants? Many people say that babies who use pull-up pants too early will turn into O-shaped legs, which will affect the development of the legs. There is no scientific basis. affect development. There's no harm in using stretch pants too early, but for babies, there's no need to use them too early. There are two main reasons. 1. At present, all pull-up pants on the market are the smallest size M, which is too large for younger or lighter babies. 2. Lala pants are specially designed for the convenience of babies learning to walk, especially suitable for lively and active babies. However, young infants urinate frequently and cannot stand. There is no point in using pull-up pants, and the cost is relatively high.
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