Into the growth history of 'diapers'

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-10

Dear mothers, when you were changing your baby's diapers, did you recall your childhood? At that time, few people had used diapers, and families with children were 'flags fluttering'. Look at how happy the babies are now, and the mothers and grandmas with children feel more happy and relieved!

When did diapers rise, and how did they evolve into such a 'high-tech' product step by step? How many twists and turns are there in this story, and how many scientists have worked hard for it, I will take you into the growth history of this 'diaper' below.

Maybe you don't believe that at the beginning of the birth of human beings, there was the concept of using 'diapers', but the diapers at that time were completely different from the current diapers. At that time, the baby used 'diapers' made of 'pure natural materials', such as certain plant leaves, animal skins, or folded weeds and moss.

Although it is impossible to verify how often the ancients changed their 'diapers' for babies, it is generally believed that it is good to change them once every three or four days. In cold places, in order to keep warm, babies are often wrapped in blankets, and these blankets are the original 'diapers'. In some tropical areas, people rarely use 'diapers'. Mothers predict when their babies will be excreted, and then take the babies outside for convenience and to avoid soiling the living quarters.

Until the mid-19th century, as industrialization produced a large number of cheap cotton fabrics, the original diaper was born. Rectangular or square diapers are folded or tied over your baby's underwear or undergarments to trap stool and stool. In order to better protect their babies, smart mothers have added many interesting elements to the diapers. Such as natural water-absorbing substances moss and peat! Or stack 2 or more diapers together to prevent leakage.

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