Correctly choose diapers to protect your baby's health

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-18
At present, there are many brands and types of diapers on the market. When choosing diapers, you may wish to pay attention to the following points:

1. Material. A baby's skin is very thin and easily broken by friction. The surface of diapers must be soft and comfortable without any irritating ingredients to prevent skin allergies. At present, some products on the market have added skin care ingredients such as aloe vera and green tea, which can reduce the irritation of urine and stool on the baby's skin, and can also help deodorize and reduce inflammation.

2. Season. Choose light and breathable diapers for your baby in spring and summer, and thicker ones in autumn and winter.

3. Logo appearance. When purchasing, pay attention to observe the product packaging label, such as: manufacturer name, address, product implementation standards, production date, expiry date, etc., check whether there is any peculiar smell, whether the surface is damaged, whether there is stain, whether the self-adhesive strip is torn Mark of.

4. Identify fakes. High-quality diapers are leak-proof, breathable, soft, have a large water absorption capacity, are fine and soft on the surface material, and are light and thin overall. The authenticity can be identified from the following aspects:

Look at the bottom film, to ensure good air permeability, the breathable bottom film and the bottom water-repellent non-woven fabric should be compounded with dots and lines. Fake products are usually surface compounded, that is, the entire surface is glued when compounding. In this case, The base film will be harder. Touch the original genuine product and compare it with the newly purchased one. The hardness of the genuine product and the fake product are obviously different.

Second, look at the surface layer. Good brand surface layer materials are very good, white and soft. Fake products generally do not use this level of raw materials, and the softness will be different from genuine products.

Third, look at the thickness and weight. The water absorption of diapers mainly depends on polymer resin (SAP). This raw material is very expensive. Fakes generally do not use enough SAP, but increase the cotton core to make up for it. Therefore, fake products are thicker and heavier than genuine products. You can find the difference by touching the thickness and weight with your hands.

Fourth, measure the water absorption. Fill the two diapers with water until they can no longer absorb water. Wipe off the water droplets on the outside, and find a high-precision electronic scale to weigh. The water absorption of fake products is at least 50g worse than that of genuine products.

5. Keep the vouchers. When purchasing diapers, try to go to regular sales channels such as commodity supermarkets, specialty stores, and special counters. Try to choose well-known brands produced by large companies, and keep good receipts, invoices and other purchase vouchers, so that in the event of quality disputes, you can effectively protect them. own legal rights.

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