Choosing the right sanitary napkin is crucial

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-10

During menstruation, the skin in sensitive parts is most vulnerable to damage. Most women experience localized skin itching and burning during menstruation. This is mostly caused by the use of airtight sanitary napkins. In fact, different women should choose different sanitary napkins. It is very important to choose the right sanitary napkins in order to have a safe menstrual period.

1. Don't just grab a pack from the supermarket shelf and go, or buy many packs of sanitary napkins at a time for convenience, check the shelf life and qualified labels, and choose regular brand products.

2. Don't buy promotional products lightly. Generally speaking, promotional products and gifts are often unsalable products bundled with merchants. For example, the materials used will be more economical, the inspection will be looser, and the storage time will be longer, etc., which makes it difficult to guarantee the quality of the products.

3. Don't be a 'new product experimenter' of the manufacturer. New brands, new varieties, new fabrics, and new concepts are flying all over the sky, coupled with promotions, which often lead to impulsive consumption. For example, the popular dry mesh surface, many people with allergies will experience redness, swelling and itching after using it. Reliable manufacturers, reliable stores, good reputation, and personal experience are still the most basic common sense for purchasing sanitary napkins.

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