A baby's skin is much smaller than that of an adult

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-27

1. Diapers should be soft, natural and skin-friendly

Because the baby's skin is not fully developed, it is very thin and tender, especially the outermost part of the epidermis is very thin, and there is very little collagen in the skin, so it is easy to be injured, especially when it is rubbed. Organs, immune cells, immune molecules, etc. have not matured, and the immunity is relatively weak. At this time, if the diapers are not used properly, they will be stimulated, and in severe cases, it will cause symptoms such as allergies. Therefore, the surface coating that directly contacts the skin must be fit and soft, and special attention should be paid to whether the waist fits comfortably and whether the adhesive is firm. Do not choose rough and irritating diapers, which will cause damage to the baby's skin. Aloe vera is often used as a natural medicine for beauty and skin care. Some merchants will put aloe vera ingredients in the surface layer of diapers, which can also protect the baby's skin.

2. Diapers absorb a lot of water

The self-renewal process of materials and energy in the baby's body is very fast, but the bladder is small, so the frequency of urination is very fast. If the diapers are not changed on time, the skin of the baby's buttocks will have moisture, the protective layer will be damaged and destroyed, and the outermost part of the epidermis will appear inflamed and other symptoms, causing diaper rash.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy diapers with a large water absorption capacity, because it has a strong absorption capacity, and can absorb urine as quickly as possible after the baby urinates or defecates. Its surface has a square of super absorbent body, which concentrates the urine in the middle, does not leak sideways, does not make the skin rough and red, and prevents the occurrence of diaper rash.

3. Super air permeability

The area of ​​the baby's skin is much smaller than that of adults, but the sweat gland pores in the skin are less than half the size of adults, while the excretion content is the same. Therefore, after the baby excretes, the ambient temperature rises, and if the moisture and heat cannot be released, it can cause skin problems such as prickly heat and diaper dermatitis. Therefore, parents should choose diapers with PE film as the base fabric. It has good heat sealing performance, moisture resistance, low moisture permeability, soft and comfortable, and the baby's buttocks will no longer be wet, and will be dry and comfortable.

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