Why does the baby have red bumps in diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-26

A mother asked: My baby is 2 and a half months old, and now the weather is cold, and it is inconvenient to change diapers. I plan to wear diapers for the baby, but after wearing them all night, there are small red bumps on the baby’s buttocks. When I wore diapers, I was also popular. I thought it was hot at that time, so I got red bumps when I put them on. It has rained and cooled these days, but I still can’t wear them. What’s going on? Is it related to the quality of diapers? What brand of baby diapers should I use?

Many mothers encounter this question, this time we will answer this question for mothers:

It may be that the baby is allergic to the diapers. Try to change the brand. If the small butt is still red, it is recommended not to wear diapers for the baby. It is not very good to wear diapers. When to defecate, so you can’t change it in time. The baby’s butt may be a little wet all the time, which is prone to eczema and infection, especially for female babies. Secondly, wearing diapers, it is impossible for the baby to urinate once. Change it to another one, it may be changed after several times of urination, so that the baby's little butt can't be guaranteed to be in a dry environment all the time. If it goes on for a long time, the baby's little butt will of course turn red. I personally recommend using diapers to replace the baby's diapers in a timely manner. It is economical and affordable, and it can prevent the baby's butt from any grievances. It's just a hard work for moms and dads, and it needs to be cleaned in time, haha.

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