When the child is a little older, try not to use 'diapers'

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-21

Until the mid-19th century, as industrialization produced a large number of cheap cotton fabrics, the original diaper was born. Rectangular or square diapers are folded or tied over your baby's underwear or undergarments to trap stool and stool. In order to better protect their babies, smart mothers have added many interesting elements to the diapers. Such as natural water-absorbing substances moss and peat! Or stack 2 or more diapers together to prevent leakage.

We know that babies come to the world and learn everything from 'conditioned reflex'. Bedwetting' or 'lazy bedwetting'. Therefore, it is advisable to use diapers for babies in severe winter or at night, and use them less in other seasons or during the day. A good habit of urinating and defecating by imperative conditioning. Many young mothers often prefer small diapers that can 'tightly wrap the baby's buttocks' when purchasing diapers. As everyone knows, tighter and smaller diapers do more harm than good. Diapers have poor air permeability and poor heat dissipation performance. Baby boys use smaller and tighter diapers, which is not conducive to their development.

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