What to prepare for letting children learn to defecate by themselves

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-11

In the parenting group of mothers, many mothers also use children's toilets that can be directly added to adult toilets. What I want to remind everyone here is that we must pay attention to the safety of the baby. The advantage of this toilet is that it is very convenient for the baby's excrement, and it is also easier to clean up. Give him a little time, he will slowly learn to defecate independently. At the beginning, the child has peed before he can tell you that he wants to pee; slowly, he will pee his pants as soon as he says he wants to pee; then he will pee his pants on the way to the toilet; finally Evolved to be able to pee on the potty by itself.

What do I need to prepare for children to learn to defecate by themselves?

a urinal that fits him

First of all, prepare a urinal suitable for your baby. There are tons of cute potty options for you to choose from, but first and foremost, know which ones your baby needs.

There are a few points that can be used as a reference for the choice of bedpan:

☆The height should be appropriate, so that the baby can sit by himself without danger;

☆Easy to clean the potty, to remove the baby's excrement is a necessary homework every day, and it is also very important to ensure cleanliness;

☆You can choose a potty with cute shapes, such as small frog shapes that can be used by male babies;

It is not recommended to choose a singing potty. Many mothers will choose a singing potty to attract the baby's attention, but such a potty will often make the baby dependent. Some babies may be born afraid of such music, but unable to defecate independently; some babies will be too attracted to music and unwilling to come down.

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