What to pay attention to when the baby sleeps

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-27

Baby sleep has its own characteristics, mothers pay attention.

baby pillow

Under normal circumstances, newborns do not need pillows, because the spine of newborns is straight and there is no physiological curvature. When newborns lie flat, their back and back of the head are naturally on the same plane, so newborns do not need pillows to sleep. It will not cause stiff neck caused by tense neck muscles.

The baby can use the pillow when he is 3 months old. If the pillow is not used at this time, the head position is low, which will affect the baby's sleep.

Various actions in sleep

Babies have various movements during light sleep, such as opening eyes, sucking, turning over, frowning, crying, moving the eyeballs under the eyelids, sometimes moving the limbs, etc., and sometimes looking up, but most of these movements are meaningless. Don’t think that the baby is awake at this time, it’s because his body is asleep but his brain is still awake. These actions have not passed the instructions of the cerebral cortex, but are due to the central activities under the cerebral cortex, which is a normal situation.

Therefore, parents should not give too much care or care just because there is a little movement. They can wait quietly for more than 5 minutes before responding. Sometimes too much care will disturb the normal sleep of the baby, which is not conducive to the normal physiology of the baby. development.

jumping in sleep

Babies within 3 months have physiological startle phenomenon, which is a normal phenomenon caused by immature brain development and does not need to be dealt with.

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