What should be paid attention to when wearing diapers for children in winter

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-07

Dear mothers, when you were changing your baby's diapers, did you recall your childhood? At that time, few people had used diapers, and families with children were 'flags fluttering'. Look at how happy the babies are now, and the mothers and grandmas with children feel more happy and relieved! When did diapers rise, and how did they evolve into such a 'high-tech' product step by step? How many twists and turns are there in this story, and how many scientists have worked hard for it, I will take you into the growth history of this 'diaper' below.

Babies wear thicker clothes in winter, so pay special attention to the absorption speed and air permeability of diapers, and it is best to change them frequently.
Babies wear a lot, so choose ultra-thin and soft diapers, which are more comfortable to wear inside.
Get everything ready before replacement:
Wipes opened in advance
The buckles of the diaper waist stickers are all opened, which is easy to organize in an open shape
If you need hip cream, it is best to open it in advance
If you are worried about your baby catching a cold, you can use a small quilt to cover the baby's upper body, or buy pants that can be buttoned to seal the crotch, so that you don't have to take off all the pants when changing diapers
The mother pays attention to keeping the baby warm during the replacement, and can also rub the hands to heat up before changing the baby
Pay attention to the cleanliness of the baby's skin. Don't try to wipe it off quickly. Keep the skin dry before putting on a new diaper.

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