What are the requirements for high-quality diapers of Guangdong baby diaper franchisees?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-23

In the mid-19th century, as industrialization produced a large number of cheap cotton fabrics, the original diaper was born. Rectangular or square diapers are folded or tied over your baby's underwear or undergarments to trap stool and stool. In order to better protect the baby, smart mothers have added many meaningful elements to the diaper. Such as natural water-absorbing substances moss and peat! Or stack 2 or more diapers together to prevent leakage. A franchisee of baby diapers in Guangdong said that after talking so much, it's time to talk about disposable diapers! The embryonic form of disposable diapers that everyone sees today appeared in Europe and North America from 1930 to 1950, fifty or sixty years ago. Like many famous creations in the world that have greatly improved people's lives, the birth of diapers is closely related to the Second World War. In order to solve the problem of cotton shortage during World War II, the Germans created a fiber tissue paper made from wood pulp. This tissue paper is very soft and highly absorbent. Later, a company in Sweden continued to develop and cut the tissue paper into a special shape, folded one by one in gauze or mesh knitted fabric, and then put it in the baby's underwear. Soon, this new type of disposable diapers began to be sold in major hospitals and stores, but the cost was very high, and the price at that time was also very expensive!

Therefore, the baby's diapers are the same. High-quality diapers use a non-woven surface, which is more breathable and comfortable. Huge watermarks mean that the hot and humid air is discharged from the small holes in the surface layer, while poor-quality diapers are made of plastic and have poor air permeability. When changing diapers, use wet wipes with a good cleaning effect to wipe them completely. If possible, let the little butt dry in the air for a while, and put on new diapers when it is completely dry. Comfortable and considerate. In summer, babies have a lot of activity and need more comfortable and considerate diapers. Check whether the cut of the diaper is reasonable, and whether the leg circumference and waist circumference are elastic. A well-designed diaper can make your baby warm and comfortable. Careful parents can observe the circumference of the legs. If red marks appear, they need to change to a larger size diaper.

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