More than 50 years ago, astronauts threw 96 bags of diapers on the moon, today

by:ECO BOOM     2022-10-17
What exactly is an antique? Antiques in our first impression, in terms of time period, are basically objects that have been baptized for hundreds to thousands of years before they can be called antiques. If it's an item from 50 years ago, we might be able to tell if it's valuable by determining what it actually is. If someone recommends a piece of 'diapers' from 50 years ago to you, you may not even lift your head up, and you won't even look at it, and you may even think that this person has a problem with his brain. But what if, with a little more prefix, these 'diapers' were thrown on the moon by space astronauts 50 years ago? There must be a lot of people and even countries rushing to it. And what is it that makes us so crazy? What is so special about the diapers left by space astronauts on the moon? Of course, 'come and do not come and go is indecent.' We brought so many items back from the moon, and naturally we also left many items on the moon. For example, the 'family photo' photos of the astronauts who landed on the moon, the three lunar rovers of NASA, and 6 lunar modules... Among them, the most eye-catching thing is that the bags wrapped in space The 'diapers' of astronauts' excrement in outer space. In this case, why should the 'diapers' of space astronauts be left on the moon? As adults, space astronauts still use 'diapers'? Could it be that after landing on the moon, space astronauts will become 'urinary incontinence'? The answer is of course no, space astronauts will not become incontinent due to landing on the moon. In the 1960s, although we had successfully landed on the moon, the overall science and technology were not developed enough. The facilities in the Apollo program were not as advanced as they are now, nor are they complete enough, let alone make toilets suitable for use in outer space. For this reason, every astronaut in space must be equipped with his own waste collection device to store the waste after it is done. When the astronauts return to the earth, they will first take the ascent module to enter the lunar orbit, and then dock to the return module and the control module. However, the ascent capsule has strict weight control. In order to reduce the weight and facilitate the ascent, the space astronauts have to discard some items. The first thing to throw away is the waste collection bag. In the process of landing on the moon, the United States left behind 96 bags of 'diapers', which are now fifty years old. Why can diapers that have been kept for 50 years become the object of competition among countries? There are many microorganisms in our excrement, it is equivalent to the seeds we left on the moon. Now that 50 years have passed, whether it survives or not, for scientists studying this scientific mission, these 96 bags of 'diapers' are important clues to understanding the moon. Therefore, it is not just the United States that wants to get back these 'feces', scientists around the world want to get back these 'feces' that have been left on the moon for 50 years. my country's spacecraft has now successfully landed on Mars, and most of the world's attention is focused on Mars. After all, it is the planet closest to the earth in the solar system, so it is not very big for the 'diapers' on the moon. care.
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