Knowledge of purchasing diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-09

How to choose baby diapers?

1. Confirm the size according to the weight

There are many brands of diapers, but even the same brand of diapers has a variety of sizes. Under normal circumstances, 'basic weight' is written on the packaging of diapers, that is to say, diapers are selected according to the baby's weight, but even if the weight is the same, the baby may be chubby or tall and thin, so Diaper models are still different.

NB Firstborn: It is suitable for babies weighing 0-5 kg. It is characterized by a soft and dry surface to protect the baby's tender skin.

Small size: Suitable for babies weighing 5-8 kg, it is characterized by a baby size and provides comprehensive and comfortable protection.

Medium size M: Suitable for babies weighing 7-11 kg, it can give active crawling babies a thin and close-fitting tailoring feeling.

Large size L: Suitable for babies weighing 10-14 kg, the crotch of this diaper model is more slim, which can reduce spillage.

XL plus size: suitable for babies over 13 kg, it adopts a high-waist design, which is more in line with the needs of active babies.

Considering the baby's different body shapes and differences in height, abdominal circumference, and leg circumference, if the mother finds that the child has slight urine leakage after using the diaper, or finds that the baby's thigh and waist are tight when changing the diaper, If there are traces, it is necessary to consider whether it is time to change the model of diapers for the baby. Mothers should observe the baby's feeling of wearing diapers more, and judge whether the baby needs to change diapers from the details.

How to judge the quality of diapers?

Look at the appearance first:

Good diapers are clean and tidy in appearance, with no damage or stain on the surface, and no tearing of the self-adhesive strip. Uncover the non-woven surface layer of the product and observe that the fluff pulp absorption layer is fluffy, white and not impregnated.

smell it:

Mothers, after buying diapers, don't be in a hurry to use them for your babies. Open them first and smell for any pungent smell. Diapers use a variety of raw materials and auxiliary materials in the production process, such as adhesives, pulp, elastic threads, etc. If the smell is bad or even has a pungent smell, it means that inferior materials are used, so don't use it.

Soft texture:

The baby's skin is delicate. If the diaper is not soft enough, it will easily rub against the baby's skin, causing the bottom to turn red or even be worn out. Therefore, the texture is also an important aspect of the choice.

Diapers that are made of high-quality materials on the inner layer, outer layer, and surface are truly soft diapers. Feel the softness of the material directly with your hands, and also check whether the absorbent layer is 'bumpy' or smooth and soft.

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