Evaluation method for breathability of wholesale baby diaper manufacturers in Guangdong

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-22

Mobile Trends--Development Overview: Guangdong baby diaper manufacturers’ retail sales growth is the pacesetter in the development of mobile e-commerce, surpassing the PC side for the first time in January 2014; four months later, the number of transactions on the mobile side also exceeded the total number of people General; in October 2014, the mobile penetration rate exceeded 50%, and the current penetration rate is higher than the overall level of the maternal and child industry. The end market cultivates consumers. The core key technology of diapers is the 'core'. From a technical perspective, the diaper core has experienced three revolutions so far. Diapers are disposable products that can be discarded after one-time use. It is made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, fluff pulp, polymer water-absorbing resin, PE film, rubber band and other materials. There are two types for children and adults. The newly developed environmentally friendly and biodegradable diapers are made of raw materials extracted from corn fiber, soybean fiber or buckwheat fiber.
Industry Overview The online penetration rate of diapers is very high. According to research, two-thirds of Chinese consumers surveyed said they had bought diapers online; The main force is the age group of 29-35, and the proportion of this group is much higher than that of the entire maternal and child industry; the proportion of young people aged 23-28 is increasing year by year. In terms of consumers, the same as the overall situation of the mother and child industry, they buy diapers and consume Most of them are also women, and it is still increasing year by year.
The air permeability evaluation method of paper diapers:
1. First add 60mL of water to the beaker; flatten the diaper and cut a square with a side length of about 12cm;
2. Tie it tightly with a rubber band, weigh the mass before heating, and cover the cut pull-up pants (including the middle absorbent layer) on the beaker.
3. Place the tied beaker and diapers in the microwave oven over medium heat for 5 minutes;
4. Take out the beaker and pull-up pants, and weigh again after cooling to room temperature;
5. Comparing the quality before and after heating, the better the air permeability, the greater the difference. the

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