Edible diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-05

Green and organic food is very popular. Today, organic is also expanding the diaper industry. In order to maintain their market share, foreign brands have developed and launched new environmentally friendly products, among which diapers made of natural ingredients or plants have attracted the most attention. At present, domestic diaper brands have little research and development in this area. People's requirements for baby products are getting higher and higher. Many parents buy the best things for their children. There is a great demand in the baby market.
Diapers made of mud
The selling point of South Korea's LG Huangtu diapers is that they contain natural loess. The natural loess has an outstanding decomposition function and antibacterial effect on secretions and odors, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of red buttocks in babies. This feature is also an exclusive patent of LG diapers.

Edible diapers
Danish Bambo organic diapers are the best among similar products. The absorber of the product is made of edible starch, and more than 80% of the material is naturally degradable, which is more than three times that of other common products.
German brand Moltex diapers use 40% non-genetically modified cornstarch as the outer material, known as 'edible diapers'.

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