Comparison of diapers and paper diapers

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-24

Diapers, paper diapers, and diapers have similarities, but do you really fully understand the relationship between them? What is the difference between diapers and diapers? What are paper diapers made of? How should babies of different ages choose diapers? Let us solve these questions for you.

What is a diaper

The materials of diapers are relatively diversified, most of which are made of non-woven fabrics, paper, straw pulp, SAP and other materials, and are disposable products, which are divided into special for children and special for adults. The latest new product launched by scientists is made of coarse grain fiber such as corn, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The difference between diapers and diapers

Diapers and diapers are different types.

difference in appearance

Diapers are like underwear worn by adults. They can be fixed on both sides of the crotch to absorb urine to the maximum extent.

Diapers are like a piece of sanitary napkin, but it does not have sticky buttons that can be fixed on both sides. Diapers are not wet, they are convenient and simple to use, but they may cause various problems due to the lack of correct and scientific use skills, so mothers should read the usage steps correctly to prevent the occurrence of diseases in babies.

functional difference

To sum up, diapers and diapers are not the same product, but the difference between them is not particularly obvious. For the health of the baby, mothers must carefully read the instructions and precautions. will grow up healthy.

The outer wrapping layer of the diaper allows urine to penetrate into the inner layer quickly and prevents back leakage. It has a strong sense of comfort and is deeply loved by babies. It can be fixed on the baby's body, and it is very safe with sticky buttons, while the diaper is directly attached to the body and easy to fall off.

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