Cleanse your skin thoroughly with every diaper change

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-18

Newborns have sensitive skin, and the safe and soft material can avoid friction. After the baby excretes, the diapers must be changed in time, so as to effectively avoid red buttocks and diaper rash. However, many newborn babies excrete irregularly, which makes it difficult for novice parents to grasp. Therefore, when choosing diapers, we should not only pay attention to thickness and water absorption strength, but choose light, breathable and breathable diapers according to the baby's skin and seasonal characteristics. Type diapers. Use tips:

1. Wipe the baby's buttocks with wet wipes (there are special baby wipes sold in the market) after going to the toilet, and thoroughly clean the baby's skin every time the diaper is changed, which will help reduce the possibility of skin irritation.

2. After wiping it clean, apply a layer of buttock cream to protect the baby's small buttocks.

3. Finally, put on new diapers for the baby.

Diapers should be stored in a dry and ventilated room away from direct sunlight to prevent rain, snow and ground moisture, and should not be stored together with polluting or toxic chemicals.

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