Choose the right diapers for your baby

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-09

Now the more popular way to buy diapers is to choose diapers based on the baby's stage and weight, the newborn stage, the crawling stage and the toddler stage, and then according to the baby's weight, the NB size, S size, and M size in the newborn stage ~And so on~~ Staged diapers are helpful for the baby's growth. Milk powder has been divided into stages for so many years, and finally diapers are also divided into stages~~

The basis for choosing diapers in stages is not the baby's age in months, but the baby's weight! Basically, NB is for newborn babies, babies weighing 6-12 catties! S size trumpet is used by babies weighing 8 to 16 catties! Size M and medium size are for 12kg-20kg babies! Size L is a large size, which is used by babies weighing 20-28 catties... But what I am talking about is only a certain brand of diapers, some diapers have their own specifications and their own weight requirements!

When young parents choose diapers for their babies, in addition to the size and style, they should also pay attention to some small details such as material and comfort.

1. Good ventilation and not stuffy. The surface layer should be made of pure cotton. Such diapers will have good air permeability. You can choose diapers with a breathable belt and a high-cut leg design. This design can reduce the area covered by the diapers on the baby's buttocks, allowing more skin to come into contact with fresh air, allowing the moisture to escape at any time, helping to prevent diaper rash.

2. It absorbs more and absorbs quickly. There must be a water-absorbing inner layer in the middle, and it has strong hygroscopicity. Such diapers can quickly absorb urine into the inner layer, prevent back seepage, keep the surface dry, and the baby will feel comfortable. Moreover, choosing diapers with a leak-proof design can also effectively prevent the baby's excrement from seeping out and prevent the clothes from being soiled.

3. Comfortable touch Touch is the primary link for a baby to understand the world. The sense of touch already exists when the fetus is 3 months old. When a baby is born, the skin is his sensitive organ to sense the outside world. A comfortable touch can give him a sense of security and has a direct impact on future behavioral development. Choose the right size diapers, there will be no gap between the baby's belly and the diapers, and there will be no deep marks on the baby's thighs. Every baby's body shape is different, and although the specifications provided by the manufacturer have certain reference value, they are not completely consistent. Therefore, young parents are reminded that it is best to try it before buying, and then decide which brand or specification of diapers to use. As the baby grows, the size should be changed in time. In addition, in summer, it is recommended that you choose diapers made of old cotton sheets, because traditional diapers are more breathable than disposable diapers, which can reduce the phenomenon of red buttocks, and are less likely to cause allergies and diaper dermatitis.

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