Children should pay special attention to skin hygiene

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-07

The baby's skin is delicate, once it is stimulated by acid and alkaline urine, it is easy to cause red buttocks. Urinary tract infection can also occur if the stool in the diapers contaminates the urethral opening. Therefore, the baby should clean the buttocks in time after going to the toilet. The methods of washing buttocks are:

1. Bedside washing: Open the 'candle bag', remove the wet diaper, and cover the upper body with a small quilt to prevent catching cold. Put the pre-prepared water basin on the stool next to the bed. The adult gently holds the child with his left arm, while supporting the calf with his left hand, and washes from top to bottom with a small towel in his right hand.

2. Wash the urine: This method requires the cooperation of two people. Remove the diaper, one person holds the child in the position of urinating, and the other stands opposite the child and washes from top to bottom.

3. Squatting and washing: older children can use this method. The adult sits on a small stool with his legs apart, the child squats between the adult's legs, and puts his two small hands on the adult's left leg. Put the basin under the child's buttocks and wash from front to back.

Midsummer is hot, the temperature is high, the excretion of sweat is not smooth, and prickly heat is prone to occur. Children should pay special attention to skin hygiene, especially in summer must pay attention to the following points:

(1) Bath frequently, change clothes frequently, cut nails frequently, apply medicine in time after mosquito bites, and never scratch to prevent infection. It is not advisable to use a strong alkaline soap when taking a bath. It is better to use a neutral soap. Generally, commercially available soaps are sufficient. Some commercially available medicated soaps contain toxic substances and should not be used.

(2) Eat more salt water. In summer, the normal perspiration of the human body is double that of winter (about 1000 ml per day). In order to maintain the balance of water and electrolytes in the body, more salt water should be added.

(3) When the temperature is high, you can take a cold water bath several times a day to clean the skin and promote blood circulation in the skin, so as to dissipate the heat.

(4) If you have prickly heat, do not use hot water and soap to wash it, so as not to increase the local skin temperature and aggravate the inflammation, which will quickly turn the prickly heat into dermatitis; due to the stimulation of soap, the skin can be broken on the basis of flushing and swelling Watery, or infected purulent.

(5) Take heat-clearing and detoxifying traditional Chinese medicines, such as wild chrysanthemum and scutellaria baicalensis 9 grams each, Viola ditin, dandelion, Prunella vulgaris each 15 grams, mung bean clothing, red peony 9 grams each, raw licorice 3 grams, one dose a day, even for 7-10 days. It can be used for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases such as abscess (bleb), boil, prickly heat, and impetigo.

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