Analysis of abnormal skin symptoms of babies Baby diaper manufacturers wholesale

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-18

As the child grows up day by day, the use of diapers will gradually decrease. Baby diapers manufacturers wholesale, the average 10 pieces a day when they were born, and now they are gradually reduced to sleeping when they are 2 years old. The usual changing time is to change the diapers before and after each breastfeeding and after each bowel movement, and change the diapers when the child is still awake before going to bed, so that he can sleep soundly and before you take the child out. Diapers should be changed. To protect the baby's buttocks, petroleum jelly, zinc oxide ointment or diaper cream can also help protect the skin, so that the wetness of urine will not affect the baby's playfulness. Baby powder may make the baby's skin feel comfortable and dry, but it is not the most suitable for babies. Baby powder can reduce the friction between the diaper and the child's skin in a short time, but once it is wet (the child will definitely wet it) !), it is useless. Your baby may even inhale large amounts of the powder, a potential hazard of talcum powder.

If the baby's skin has the following symptoms, there may be something wrong with the baby's buttocks. If the small buttocks have prickly heat, and at the same time use airtight cloth diapers or poor-quality diapers, it will also cause diaper rash. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good diaper. Rashes and pimples, diaper rash is inflammation caused by irritation and friction of the mixture of urine and stool and cloth diapers (or poor quality diapers) on the skin. There is a reddish phenomenon from the genitals to the buttocks, and the skin becomes discolored. It gets rough, even showing very small acne. Cut and fit, each baby's body shape is different, you should choose a cut design that suits your baby, such as a U-shaped close-fitting design, mothers are best to buy small packages first, try them on a few times, and find the right brand. As far as the skin that uses diapers is concerned, healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin can quickly become brittle and prone to diaper rash. To minimize wetness from diapers, change diapers frequently and use extra absorbent diapers. If you use cloth diapers for your baby, you should check and change the diapers more often.

Blue spots near the anus If you see blue marks near your baby's anus, you may be wondering if your baby has hemorrhoids. Most likely not! Hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels around the anus become congested due to poor blood circulation. Eventually, they contract under the pressure of defecation, to the point where they may bleed! Hemorrhoids are common in pregnant women, but rarely in babies. Having blue spots may just be the result of your baby stopping having a large bowel movement.

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