Absorbency of baby diaper brands affects sleep quality in babies

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-31

Can the water absorption of diapers give babies high-quality sleep? The research data shows that the use of high-quality disposable diapers with strong water absorption capacity and low rewet can provide babies with an environment that makes the skin of the buttocks dry and dry, so that babies will not always feel wet and uncomfortable, thus reducing the risk of diapers caused by wet urine. The number of awakenings is consistent, and the sleep time is longer than that of babies wearing traditional diapers. Baby diaper brands help babies sleep more soundly.
Wash your hands with clean water and soap before changing diapers every time. Before changing diapers or after defecation, please clean your baby's buttocks with neutral soap and warm water and dry them. Prevent bacteria from hands from contaminating diapers. Whether you use cloth diapers or paper diapers, the temperature in the scrotum will increase, because it is airtight and close to the baby's skin, which will easily increase the local temperature. The most suitable temperature for the testicles of male babies is about 34 degrees Celsius. If the temperature reaches 37 degrees Celsius, the testicles will not produce sperm in the future for a long time. The temperature changes caused by the correct use of diapers will not have adverse effects on the reproductive health of adolescents. Children suffer from diaper dermatitis, which is a special type of contact dermatitis, mainly caused by improper use of diapers.

In terms of nursing, you should first choose diapers with better quality, better air permeability, and no reverse osmosis; Don't tighten the baby's diapers too tightly, as it is easy to cause skin inflammation. Putting on diapers for the baby is neat and comfortable, which is much better than putting a diaper on the baby. At the same time, it also avoids embarrassment of some very occasions. Using diapers can solve the baby's 'pull' problem conveniently and quickly, and free up more time for novice parents to rest and bond with the baby instead of wasting time in endless washing diapers.
What should be paid attention to when changing diapers? The tape should be prevented from coming into contact with the skin, or from talcum powder and baby oil. When using diapers, if you find that your baby's skin is allergic, please stop using them immediately. Mommy can use another brand, and it may not be allergic. What should I do if I find allergies? Alternate with cloth diapers for a period of time, maybe the baby will get used to it soon. After the baby defecates every time, use the baby wipes specially designed for babies to wipe off the buttocks, then apply the buttock cream, and put on new diapers.

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