Wholesale price of diapers | Diapers are easier to make babies suffer from red buttocks

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-14

Hot and humid

After the baby defecates, the temperature and humidity in the diaper will increase, forming a 'humid and hot' environment inside the diaper. In such an environment, the baby's skin will become soft and swollen, and it will become easily injured. The ammonia gas decomposed from urine will also directly affect the skin.

Solution: Change the diaper immediately when it is wet, and use diapers with good air permeability.

bacterial infection

If urine or feces touch the skin for a long time, the PH value of the skin will rise and become alkaline, and the proliferation of microorganisms will accelerate, and many bacteria that affect the skin will soon appear.

Solution: Be sure to wash after going to the toilet, and often ventilate and bask in the sun. If the baby uses diapers, tea oil can be applied after cleaning the buttocks to inhibit bacterial growth. Mothers who are used to using diapers can also choose diapers specially designed to prevent red buttocks instead of ordinary diapers.

Frequent scrubbing

The baby's skin is sensitive and delicate, and washing it too often can easily damage the natural oil protective film on the baby's buttocks, and the red buttocks will be more serious.

Solution: Mothers can selectively scrub the baby with wet wipes during the day, appropriately reduce the number of cleanings, and then apply talcum powder to keep the baby's butt dry.

Unreasonable planning

Compared with diapers, paper diapers are more likely to make babies suffer from red buttocks. The surface material of some diapers is not soft enough, which is easy to scratch the skin; the air permeability of the diapers is not good, resulting in burning heat and excessive moisture; the water-locking property is poor, and the surface is no longer dry after urinating once; even some diaper formulas are harmful to the baby's skin Harmful.

Solution: Choose diapers carefully. Before purchasing diapers, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors such as raw materials, selection, water absorption, and air permeability. In addition, whether it has the function of preventing red buttocks is also a very important consideration. There is a Subic diaper on the market that does a good job in this regard. On the one hand, the design selection and material selection of Shubiqi diapers take into account water-locking and breathable properties to ensure that the urine can be quickly absorbed without back seepage, and the contact time between urine and the skin is short; on the other hand, non-woven fabrics are used on the surface to add tea oil essence It can effectively inhibit bacteria and reduce inflammation, even if it is used for a long time, it will not cause red buttocks. The use of this kind of high-tech diapers can truly prevent the occurrence of red buttocks.

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