Which baby diaper is good? Trouble with open crotch pants

by:ECO BOOM     2023-05-30

The direct result caused by the crotch-opening pants is firstly to pollute the environment, which causes inconvenience to the general public while giving convenience to individual parents. Some people may think that letting children go naked is giving them complete freedom. If it is in their own home, adults want children to defecate anywhere, which is their freedom. But no one has the right to create fecal pollution in public places when they are away from home.
Crotch-opening pants also bring many negative effects to children: it is easy to cause genital injury and infection, and it is easy to cause children to play with genitals; most importantly, open-crotch pants make children disrespect their bodies and seriously hinder children from playing freely. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right diapers for the baby, because the baby wears the same diapers every day. The diapers that fit the body are not only comfortable but also effective in preventing leakage, so that the baby can wear comfortable clothes and move freely. First of all, choose the right size. How do you know what size your baby is wearing? Leakage, red marks, gaps, or diapers that look like 'bikinis' all indicate that the diapers do not fit properly. Paying attention to the above characteristics and the weight chart on the diaper packaging can help you choose according to your baby's age and stage. If your baby's weight is close to the upper limit of the scale, you can consider changing to a new size. Time request for changing diapers:
In principle, as long as the diapers are wet or dirty, they should be changed. Generally speaking, the diapers should be changed within 4 hours, and they must be changed when there is a stool. But mommy can't stop baby at any time"real time monitoring", sometimes it is impossible to know when the baby will have"situation"(especially for babies), you need to pay special attention to the following points at this time: 1. When the baby wakes up. 2. After each bowel movement. 3. Before or after each feeding. 4. Before bed. 5. When taking the baby out.

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