When is the right time to change diapers?

by:ECO BOOM     2023-06-08

According to the experience of senior mothers, when using diapers, the baby's little PP will face many challenges. How to deal with these challenges? Senior mothers have a lot of methods, take a look at their coups, it may be of great help to you. Talking about the experience of senior mothers, novice mothers come to learn soon. Keeping your baby's skin dry can also prevent diaper rash, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
1. Drinking cranberry juice is said to be because urine and feces are mixed in the diaper, resulting in a high pH value, which stimulates the skin to cause diaper rash. You can try drinking a small cup of cranberry juice squeezed by yourself, so that the urine Acidic to help lower pH and relieve skin irritation.
2. For the treatment of diaper rash, keeping the diaper area dry can promote recovery, but if you dry it with a towel or paper towel, it may irritate the baby's sensitive skin. What should I do? You can try to use a hair dryer, set the hair dryer at a low temperature, and dry the baby's diaper area; after drying, apply some zinc oxide ointment on the butt.
3. Use nappy cream before you get diaper rash. Use nappy cream every time you change diapers, so you won't get diaper rash. It can effectively prevent diaper rash and reduce your baby's pain. In fact, the main function of commercially available nappy creams is to prevent rather than treat diaper rash, and of course it should be used daily. In principle, as long as the diapers are wet or dirty, they should be changed. Generally speaking, baby diapers should be changed within 4 hours, and must be changed when there is stool.

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